Hadley Impact Consulting is a relationship-focused, results-driven organization that provides development consulting for non-profit organizations. We appreciate the value of every relationship and specialize in maximizing impact through strategic partnerships.

Our Philosophy

Hadley Impact Consulting is a consulting, management, and fundraising firm for social impact campaigns. By leveraging networks in the most strategic and innovative ways possible, we solicit, secure and expand partnerships with like-minded organizations to increase your brand awareness, build lasting infrastructures for the life of your campaign and ultimately have the greatest social impact.

In addition to strategy consulting and partnership-building, we raise the funds needed to execute the campaigns we believe in. We have impressive inside/outside sales experience and masterful presentation skills. Our closing abilities are powerful but gentle, and we are passionate about gaining personal relationships with clients and partners. Our greatest joys come from the people in our lives; they are why we do what we do.

"In an effort to help the Global Poverty Project realize its vision to end extreme poverty by 2030, Hadley Impact specializes in the cultivation of meaningful, lasting relationships for Global Poverty Project and its partners. Since 2011, we have fostered the formation of strategic alignments and mutually beneficial partnerships with foundations, corporations and non-profits that have common goals while helping to procure funding for the Global Poverty Project, its various campaigns and the Global Citizen Festival." -GPP


Hadley Impact Consulting can help at any point in your journey. Whether you need to build a development program from the ground up, build your network or plan a gala, we can help you develop the perfect strategy for your organization.

Our Specialties Include:

Campaign Conception & Cultivation

  • Providing our team as the temporary staff during the formation and launch of your campaign

Campaign Launch

  • Consultation, logistical support, and operational support to ensure the launch of your campaign is as successful as possible

Campaign strategy consultation

  • We can help you develop a new campaign or take an existing campaign to the next level

Civil Engagement & Policy Outcomes

  • Consultation on the structure and methodology of leveraging the greatest impact through civil engagement and policy-based outcomes

Fundraising Consultation

  • Promotional asset creation
  • Solicitation, fostering, management and maintenance of partnerships
  • Creation of a robust database build of potential corporate, foundation and HNW donors

Partnership Engagement

  • Development of external and internal communities via active outreach for vertical partnerships
  • Creation of a robust database build of potential corporate, NGO, and foundation partners
  • Influencer and celebrity engagement

Project Management

  • Fueling your campaign goals while keeping things on track and on budget
  • Event production

Clients and Projects

The Global Poverty Project


The Global Poverty Project's mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to see an end to extreme poverty. The Global Poverty Project utilizes the power of education, communications, advocacy, campaigning and media to advance the movement to end extreme poverty

GPP campaigns for government, business and consumer action that will create important systemic change for the world’s extreme poor, and is building a movement that engages and educates people, and supports them to take simple but effective individual actions for change.

Global Citizen Festival



In 2012 and 2013 — with a live audience of 60,000 and a worldwide media reach of more than 3 billion people — the Global Citizen Festival on the Great Lawn of Central Park helped leverage $1.3 Billion in new funding commitments for the world’s poorest communities.

 The festival has featured legendary artists such Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer and more. This revolutionary campaign has garnered support from Bill Gates, Bono, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Larry King, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President Jim Yong Kim of the World Bank and countless world leaders. The event secured partnerships from some of the world's most progressive charities and international brands. It was live streamed as the largest charity event syndication in history.


Tens of millions of children are growing up without any family. It’s more than just living every day devoid of hugs, of love and support. Children growing up outside of families don’t develop mentally, physically or emotionally as well as children in families. That’s the power a parent has. It is vital.

After Deborra-Lee Furness and her husband, Hugh Jackman, adopted their own two children Deborra could not sit by while so many other children were left without families, she had a vision and from that vision Hopeland was born.

Hopeland is the world’s only Family Nation. Where each child’s hope to grow up with loving parents is possible because of our actions. A nation that is safe, nurturing and loving. A nation that honors every child’s birthright to grow up a happy, healthy and productive individual who belongs to a family, a community and the world.

Hopeland is a multi-partnered platform designed to amplify and unite a call for every child to have the right to a family that provides the love and attention that is their birthright. Created through the collaboration of the world’s leading non-profits, Deborra continues to marshal change and raise awareness as an active member of the organizations Advisory Board.

Lekha Singh


Beyond Right and Wrong

"Beyond Right and Wrong" boldly asks us, what does it take to forgive? How can a mother pardon the murderer of her children? How does a daughter reconcile with the man who killed her father? This film, produced and directed by Lekha Singh, explores the depth of the human emotions surrounding some of the world’s greatest conflict situations — the genocide in Rwanda, the conflict in Israel and Palestine, the Troubles in Northern Ireland — and sheds light on the complicated path from rage to acceptance.



Charities do not have enough opportunities to collaborate. FilmRaise is a multi-partnered platform and meta-campaign curator where the world’s top non-profit organizations can work together to reach their shared goals. By encouraging like-minded charities to work together, we can leverage an even greater impact while fundraising for worthy causes and raising the visibility of worthy films.


Lindsay Hadley has lived in Australia, Russia, and China and traveled to more than 35 countries. Early in her career, she facilitated dozens of international humanitarian projects in Kenya, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand. Since then, she has raised more than $20M for social causes. 

Lindsay executive produced The End of Polio Concert in Perth, Australia, and the Global Citizen Festival in 2012 and 2013 in Central Park, which – with a live audience of 60,000 and a worldwide media reach of more than 3 billion — is the largest charity event syndication to date. The mother of two small boys and the wife of a loving and supportive husband, Lindsay knows that relationships are most important in this life.

Jacque Baumer has more than ten years of professional experience working in the non-profit sector as a development specialist, program director, board member, campaign manager and consultant for organizations that cover issues ranging from Autism to Human Trafficking to Equine Therapy. Jacque is a Presidential Service Award recipient and, over the last three years, has been instrumental in raising nearly $6 million for worthy causes. Jacque’s greatest joy comes from being the wife of a loving and supportive husband and the mother of two beautiful children.

Genna Lasko has worked both nationally and internationally with organizations whose missions range from economic development, child sex trafficking, and education. She worked as the Concert Director for both Child Rescue’s Candlelight Serenade and The End of Polio Concert in Perth, Australia. As the Program Director for Child Rescue she created an educational youth program to teach students about trafficking. She has worked with the Global Poverty Project as the Program Director for Utah’s Night for Global Citizens with Larry King. She is most passionate about being a wife and mother.

Nikki Eberhardt has lived in Russia, Mexico, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia and Bolivia. She speaks Russian. She co-founded and sits as co-president to United Nations Women Utah Chapter to reduce inequality and empower women and girls in developing countries. She partners with an innovative United Way coalition to improve refugee youth educational outcomes. Nikki teaches University of Utah students about economics, politics and demographics of globalization. Her earlier M.A. in International Development and her current Ph.D. (ABD) in International Sociology have trained her to statistically and qualitatively analyze an interconnected world. Nikki is a wife and mother of three.

Dani Palmer holds an M.A. in International Diplomacy and has worked both domestically and internationally on economic development and micro-credit programs, mainly in East Africa. Recently, she served as program and development director for Child Rescue, an anti-trafficking organization. She currently serves as development director for the Twin Cities Film Fest. Dani recently joined the Global Poverty Project as a contractor. She is a wife and new mom.

Tyler Brklacich is a Utah Valley University student majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. He has worked for several non-profit organizations as Director of Development, including Child Rescue and Autism Journeys. During his time at Autism Journeys, he executed Cali’s Charitable Hearts’ Gala and raised $118,000. Currently, Tyler serves as the Vice President of the Academic Senate at UVU. He is excited to continue to serve and grow with remarkable organizations that are responsible for worldwide change.

Chanta’l L. Babcock began advocating for underserved populations when she organized a peer mediation group for students in conflict in high school. Since then, Chanta’l has raised money and awareness for breast cancer research, the Red Cross and the YMCA. While attending Brigham Young University, Chanta’l was a member of the BYU Service Center and Service Council. After graduating with Bachelors of Arts in Biology and Biochemistry in 2008, Chanta’l began business consulting and administrating in one of the largest genealogical organizations worldwide. Dedicated to a life of service and learning, Chanta’l continues mentoring youth and adults, advocating for underprivileged groups and connecting others interested in community outreach.

Gretta Whalen has an MA in English Literature, a BA in Journalism and years of professional writing and editing experience. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2005, Gretta wrote for Salt Lake Magazine, E! Online, The Hollywood Reporter, and Eliza Magazine. Gretta was also a member of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer media team from 2006-2007, helping to coordinate press for events across the country. In 2013, Gretta received her master's degree from California State University, Los Angeles. Gretta is passionate about humanitarian causes and periodically blogs about social issues.

Amber Lindke earned a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Canisius College and a master's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Amber worked briefly in TV news before receiving a life-changing cancer diagnosis. Amber previously worked at University at Buffalo Neurosurgery, Inc. (UBNS) as a Marketing and Business Development Specialist and served as Executive Director of the Program for Understanding Childhood Concussion and Stroke (PUCCS), a non-profit organization dedicated to research and educational programs in the area of youth concussion and stroke. Amber is grateful to be a member of the Hadley Impact team.

Abigail Brown is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Community Health from Utah Valley University. She is the Secretary for the Community Health Association at UVU, a representative for the Community Health Department and the Vice President of UNICEF UVU. Abigail has worked with several non-profit organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Children’s Justice Center, and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. In rare hours when she is not attending school or undertaking non-profit work, she enjoys longboarding and spending time with her family.

Taylor Smoot is a political activist and entrepreneur living in Prague, Czech Republic. He has a master’s degree from Charles University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Colorado State University where served as student body president and a sitting member of the Board of Governors of the Colorado University System. Taylor is committed to making a difference and challenges everyone to take action and do something small everyday to make their community a better place.

Henry Strike is a Cincinnati, Ohio, native who moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. There, he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Campaign Management. Henry has also completed multiple internships, both locally and nationally, with the Hinckley Institute of Politics. An avid skier and hiker, Henry continually makes an effort to challenge himself in every aspect of his life.

Cameron Silva is currently pursuing a degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution studies at the University of Utah. Cameron traveled to Thailand and Vietnam with Youthlinc, interned for Backyard Broadcast and plans to continue his international service in Kenya in the summer of 2014. He intends to continue working with like-minded people and non-profit organizations throughout the rest of his college career and after graduation.

Jason Brinkerhoff was born in CA but is really just a cow milking, hay bucking farm boy from OR. Graduating from BYU with major in International Finance and minor in Mandarin Chinese, he has been married 24 years, has 3 children. He has personally started over 15 different companies in almost every imaginable category, but his most successful (to date) has been taking the Cricut Electronic Cutter from ideation to the sale of his company to Provo Craft in 2007. Since then he has been helping companies get efficient by aligning what they say with what they do so they can become more successful.

Van Mangus holds a Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management and Administration. He received his bachelor’s degrees from the University of Utah in International Studies and Russian. Upon returning home from his two year service mission to St. Petersburg Russia volunteering in orphanages, centers for residents with disabilities and teaching English in elementary schools, he chose to dedicate himself to a career of working to benefit others. Following his decision, he has assisted and consulted women’s shelters, doctors’ volunteer clinics, the Special Olympics and volunteers in service opportunities within his community. Van is married to his amazing wife and has a beautiful baby girl. His future hopes include being blessed with many more children, assisting organizations working to enhance the world and being a part of determining socially beneficial outcomes.

Katie Bishop comes from a large family with sixteen nieces and nephews. She hopes to see a world where all children have the same love and experiences that they have. She has worked in graphic design, emergency Veterinary medicine and customer service with plans to start a small business to support the art community.

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